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Case Study 1

72 Leads and £13,800 In Revenue By The Middle of The Month!

This client had really good results in March, and followed the same pattern through April. Not only did we generate over 70 leads by the middle of the month but at the time of the screenshot the client generated £13,800 from the leads with many more appointments booked in the diary and in the deal pipeline.

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Case Study 2

Delighted To Receive 109 New Leads In One Month!

When we first spoke to this client they were relying on word of mouth, referrals and a long two year investment in SEO to generate them more work. They were getting approximately 30 leads per month from these methods but they were not consistent. After working with AdRise for one month we generated the client 109 new leads . At least £20,000 of work was booked at the time of writing with a large pipeline of leads built and many quotes awaiting confirmation.

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Case Study 3

111 New Enquiries During Lock Down!

This client started working with AdRise in the February and we were both apprehensive about what the results would be following the lockdown of the UK. Due to the country being in lockdown, we made some changes to the form fields with a new angle to allow the lead to submit their own measurements in order to obtain a quote. This campaign managed to collect 111 new leads for the client, which continued to build their pipeline for when lockdown was lifted.

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Case Study 4

92 New Leads Convinced Them!

When we first started speaking to this client they were very dubious about advertising online, saying that they had tried it themselves and never got any results. We reassured them that we frequently had similar conversations with clients before they began working with us and that we were extremely confident that they would be pleasantly surprised. After one month we had generated 92 new leads for them and £20,410 in booked work at the time of writing.

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Case Study 5

Three Months and £70,000 In New Business!

This client started working with us in the January. By the end of March we had generated an additional 106 leads taking their total for the three months to 283 leads and approximately £70,000 in combined revenue - all verifiable and as a direct result of the work AdRise carried out. The client confirmed that AdRise accounted for over 50% of their sales in the first three months of the year.

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