New leads or enquiries are the life blood of any business. Without a pipeline of new prospects flowing in it is extremely hard to grow.
A pipeline allows you to know the work that is due to come in, when it is likely to close and in turn when you are likely to see that revenue come into your business bank account.
Our Enquiries on Demand system works no matter where you are in the world!
We have intentionally designed it to be the most hands off way for our clients to generate new enquiries for their business.
Here it is in a nut shell….
We come up with an irresistible advert that grabs the attention of the user.

The user clicks on the post/ad which takes them to a lightning fast, highly converting landing page that follows on from the ad.

People fill out their details and then from there they are taken to a thank you page for confirmation that you will be in contact very soon.
At the same time this information is sent to you via an instant text message and/or email.
That’s it! Well, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes but for you, that’s it! Business as usual:
Contact the prospect, book an appointment/home visit/quote etc and get the deal!
The steps below include the “nitty gritty” of what goes into running one of our advertising campaigns, it’s quite long but it will give you a good understanding of the service that we provide our clients and why we get such good results.
We have a fairly unique approach to advertising – we like to connect with people. Therefore our adverts have a very personal approach which delivers the message directly to the individual who is reading it.
Both our creatives (Image/video) and ad copy (advert wording) are positioned to directly speak to the reader. Where possible we avoid corporate language and jargon and make the process as simple as possible for the reader by spelling out exactly what they need to do.

Who Is Your Perfect Customer?

The biggest mistake most businesses make is just “assuming” they know what their customers want. They guess, throw something up, hope it sticks and just burn through their ad budget getting very poor results.
We need to know who your perfect customer is – their age, gender, demographic, what area do they live – “who are they?”

We use specific data to build an avatar of your perfect customer which helps us write adverts that people relate to, click on and take action eg become a lead!

Create The Offer And Advert

Users go on Social Media platforms to socialise, see updates from their family and friends and see cute cat pictures. They don’t go on Social Media with the intention of buying something.
Advertising on Social Media is VERY different to Pay Per Click (PPC) on the major search engines where people are searching for something.
Therefore we need to create a “scroll stopping” offer to put in front of your perfect customer to break their attention from watching another video of their Nephew winning a medal in a judo competition!
We do this by:
• Modelling our previous successful adverts (we have lots)
• Testing! Testing! Testing!
We then need to:
• Create the advert – Image/video, wording, tracking link
• Target the advert to ensure the right people see it – Demographic, location/radius, placement (desktop/mobile)
• Create the landing page – Offer image/video, forms, confirmations
• Set up automations – ensure you know every time a lead comes in!

The Campaign Goes Live (You can expect an average of 30 leads per month)

Your perfect customer starts seeing your advert and reacting. They do this by:
• Clicking on the link in the advert, liking, sharing (this causes your ad to gain virality and in turn get free traffic)
Filling out their details (Name, Email, Post Code and Phone Number)
Their details get to you by some/all of these methods:
• Being sent directly to you by text message
• Being sent directly to you by email
• Being sent directly to your CRM (if you have one)

You then follow the normal process:
Book an appointment, quote for the work and win the job!

Refine, Improve, Optimise and Automate

Once the campaign is live our work DOESN’T end here. IT’S OUR JOB to keep leads flowing into your business.
We do not slow or suppress the leads coming in unless you tell us to (normally when you are just too busy to handle the number of enquiries), which is a good problem to have!
We continue to monitor, refine, improve and optimise the campaign to continue to get you the best results and the best ROI.
We do this by:
• Removing poor performing ads/images/videos
• Changing targeting (demographics, placements)
• Adjusting budget
• Adding additional automations – auto text, auto emails etc depending on your needs.

Are You READY To Get Started?